Friday, January 19, 2007


A wonderful day to celebrate laughter, joy, happiness... Stop for a moment and think that laughing is a precious gift meant to make our days beautiful, to relax and give us a reason for survival. Laughter can save not only our lives, but also our souls. When we feel bad, a smile can make us feel better, when we are tired, a smile relax us, when we lack imagination a smile can make us creative. A laugh can put away any tear and any stress.

It's in our nature...

Laughter Facts on Belly Laugh Day:

  • Celtic Symbol Designs: Immortality - the harp representing the soul has three melodies: laughter, slumber, and a sigh.

  • The Symbols Of Pythagoras : Be not addicted to immoderate laughter.

"... this Symbol mentions laughter above all the passions, because this alone is most conspicuous, being, as it were, a certain efflorescence and inflammation of the disposition proceeding as far as to the face... laughter is the peculiarity of man with respect to other animals; and hence he is defined to be a risible animal. It is shown, therefore, by this precept, that we should not firmly adhere to the human nature, but acquire by philosophizing am imitation of divinity to the utmost of our power; and withdrawing ourselves from this peculiarity of man, prefer the rational to the risible in the distinction and difference which we make of him with respect to other animals..." (from Sacred Texts).

  • Chinese Pinyin:
  • History Of Laughter: "Nobody knows when humans began to laugh, nor does anybody know when a concept of 'laughter' originated" (from .

  • Belly Laugh Day Website: "Laughs and smiles are sunshine that transform our moments seven days of the week on the seven continents." (you can download and print the poster below from their website, just click the image)
"The most wasted day of all is that in which we have not laughed." Sebastian Roch Nicolas Chamfort.

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