Sunday, June 25, 2006


The past is forgotten by most of us.... only some keep in their mind with pride aspects and customs of our ancestors' lives. An example are this Roman Holidays from the Old Roman Calendar. The festivals of ancient Rome included many customs which have been carried over into later holidays and many people don't know it.

Some of the Ancient July Holidays are:

*Ludi Apollinares 6 - 13 Jul First held in 208BC. Celebrated with games in honor of Apollo.

*Ludi Victoriae Caesaris 20 - 30 Jul Games held in celebration of Caesar's conquests.

*Neptunalia July 23

This last festival was a typical Mediterranean mid-summer festival, falling halfway between the summer solstice and the vernal equinox and honored Neptune, the god of the seas and water. In the middle of ancient Italy's really hot and dry summer season, when rivers were low and water was most scarce, Romans sought Neptune's protection of irrigation waters and works. (more...)

Apollo, God of Sun

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